Recent Port Calls at the Port of Louisville, Kentucky
IMO Number Vessel Arrival Date Manifests Weight Unladed
9352042MAERSK STOCKHOLM2022-09-192296.5 MTView Manifests
9216987ZOI2022-09-16140.9 MTView Manifests
9450583SYNERGY OAKLAND2022-08-04140.9 MTView Manifests
9860946YM TIPTOP2022-07-14139.0 MTView Manifests
9450583SYNERGY OAKLAND2022-06-17140.9 MTView Manifests
9484364COSCO PIRAEUS2022-04-26134.1 MTView Manifests
9308649MAERSK SINGAPORE2021-10-2918.9 MTView Manifests
9312573XIN WEI HAI2021-08-10118.5 MTView Manifests
9630365SEASPAN GANGES2021-06-0414.1 MTView Manifests
9645891CSCL AUTUMN2021-05-31211.7 MTView Manifests
Map Vessels Coming into Louisville, Kentucky
Port Summary
Louisville, Kentucky
Stats based on data for the past 90 days.
Total Manifests25
Total Vessels4
Total Containers11
Total Weight Unladed217 Metric Tons
Total Port Calls4
Nearby Ports
Vessels with the Most Port Calls at Louisville, Kentucky
Numbers are based on data since March 1st, 2019
IMO Number Vessel Port Calls Avg. Days Btw. Calls Total Manifests Total Wt. Unladed
9670597ATLANTIC SEA1-11 MTView Manifests
9450430BUDAPEST EXPRESS1-111 MTView Manifests
9484364COSCO PIRAEUS1-134 MTView Manifests
9645891CSCL AUTUMN1-212 MTView Manifests
9461491GULF BRIDGE1-629 MTView Manifests
9342516MAERSK ALFIRK1-139 MTView Manifests
9342528MAERSK ALGOL1-140 MTView Manifests
9308649MAERSK SINGAPORE1-19 MTView Manifests
9352042MAERSK STOCKHOLM1-2297 MTView Manifests
9630365SEASPAN GANGES1-14 MTView Manifests
9450583SYNERGY OAKLAND248282 MTView Manifests
9320465XIN TAI CANG1-14 MTView Manifests
9312573XIN WEI HAI1-118 MTView Manifests
9860946YM TIPTOP1-139 MTView Manifests
9462720YM UPSURGENCE1-1111 MTView Manifests
9216987ZOI1-141 MTView Manifests
Monthly Port Calls and Manifests
Most Recent 25 Manifests
Bill of Lading Arrival Date Shipper Consignee Commodity
SSPHJKT80846852022-09-19RADIATOR ASSY Full Manifest
SSPHJKT80846862022-09-19RADIATOR ASSY Full Manifest
SSPHJKT80846842022-09-19RADIATOR ASSY Full Manifest
SSPHJKT80845352022-09-19RADIATOR ASSY Full Manifest
SSPHJKT80845332022-09-19RADIATOR ASSY Full Manifest
SSPHJKT80845432022-09-19RADIATOR ASSY Full Manifest
SSPHJKT80845422022-09-19RADIATOR ASSY Full Manifest
SSPHJKT80845392022-09-19RADIATOR ASSY Full Manifest
SSPHJKT80845442022-09-19RADIATOR ASSY Full Manifest
SSPHJKT80845452022-09-19RADIATOR ASSY Full Manifest
SSPHJKT80845412022-09-19RADIATOR ASSY Full Manifest
SSPHJKT80845402022-09-19RADIATOR ASSY Full Manifest
SSPHJKT80845362022-09-19RADIATOR ASSY Full Manifest
SSPHJKT80845502022-09-19RADIATOR ASSY Full Manifest
SSPHJKT80845322022-09-19RADIATOR ASSY Full Manifest
SSPHJKT80845372022-09-19RADIATOR ASSY Full Manifest
SSPHJKT80845462022-09-19RADIATOR ASSY Full Manifest
SSPHJKT80845482022-09-19RADIATOR ASSY Full Manifest
SSPHJKT80845312022-09-19RADIATOR ASSY Full Manifest
SSPHJKT80845382022-09-19RADIATOR ASSY Full Manifest
SSPHJKT80845512022-09-19RADIATOR ASSY Full Manifest
SSPHJKT80845472022-09-19RADIATOR ASSY Full Manifest
SSPHJKT80846852022-09-19RADIATOR ASSY Full Manifest
SSPHJKT80846862022-09-19RADIATOR ASSY Full Manifest
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