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Port Code Port Manifests Gross Tonnage Containers
01535Toronto, ONT Canada28519.5k MT2,959
01652Picton, ONT Canada2101.0M MT198
01653Bath, ONT Canada29711.6M MT1
01822Montreal, QUE Canada91720.6M MT2,850
03512Windsor, ONT Canada1833.2M MT0
05520Sarnia, ONT Canada4712.2M MT144
06533Goderich, ONT Canada7258.8M MT0
06645Nanticoke, ONT Canada33122.3M MT265
06766Meldrum Bay, ONT Canada5014.1M MT0
08525Sault Ste. Marie, ONT Canada4,2781.8M MT2,651
08526Bruce Mine, ONT Canada320539k MT0
08527Thessalon, ONT Canada120336k MT0
09662Port Arthur, ONT Canada238157k MT0
09665Bowmanville, ONT Canada3423.9M MT0
12200All Other Canada Pacific Region Ports2,93245.0M MT6,065
12203Alert Bay, BC Canada897966k MT0
12215Beale Cove, BC Canada3233.6M MT0
12229Chemainus, BC Canada310485k MT0
12287Kitimat, BC Canada128439k MT0
12406Nanaimo, BC Canada409969k MT99
12408New Westminster, BC Canada272400k MT75
12442Prince Rupert, BC Canada24,1415.0M MT342,260
12492Van Anda, BC Canada127975k MT0
12493Vancouver, BC Canada257,9621.6B MT1,393,370
12494Ganges, BC Canada1,518877k MT298
13400All Other Canada Atlantic Region Ports310246M MT405
13441Becancour, QUE Canada10848.7M MT3
13456Victoria, PEI Canada29291.0 MT291
13841Halifax, NS Canada101,40411.2M MT198,224
13846Auld s Cove, NS Canada26610.9M MT0
14065Point Tupper, CBI Canada6001.9B MT0
14094Quebec, QUE Canada943622M MT13
14428Saint John, NB Canada19,728117M MT31,101
14444Sept Iles, QUE Canada9144.6M MT741
14466Sorel, QUE Canada18446.6M MT8
15200All Other Newfoundland Ports1312.0M MT0
15229Come-by-Chance, NFLD Canada6321.2B MT0
15230Whiffen Head, NF Canada448810M MT1
15231Corner Brook, NFLD Canada444128k MT4
20100All Other Mexico West Coast Region Ports2,20675.6M MT19
20101Acapulco Mexico11321.9k MT0
20105La Paz Mexico6075.1k MT134
20107Lazaro Cardenas Mexico88,531442M MT142,930
20108Ensenada Mexico3,713236k MT2,363
20113Guaymas Mexico20647.7M MT46
20120Manzanillo Mexico93,25439.0M MT190,377
20122Mazatlan Mexico34092.4k MT879
20129Salina Cruz Mexico422746M MT0
20135San Marcos Island Mexico3786.7M MT0
20141Santa Rosalia Mexico1402.3M MT0
20143Puerto Vallarta Mexico1,771743 MT574
20144Cabo San Lucas Mexico1,5241.3k MT236
20152Cayo Arcos Terminal Mexico463903M MT1
20154Dos Bocas Mexico1,1682.9B MT75
20171Puerto Libre De Puerto Mexico Mexico16,4441.6B MT28,876
20173Punta Venado Mexico12,31920.0M MT289
20184Pajaritos Mexico1,1882.7B MT16
20185Progreso Mexico31,604996k MT62,067
20193Altamira Mexico296,80532.5M MT933,376
20194Puerto de Morales Mexico2,35630.1k MT2,414
20195All Other Mexico East Coast Region Ports570204M MT41
20197Tuxpan Mexico22,14113.5M MT57,955
20199Veracruz Mexico214,45584.8M MT667,896
20505Santo Tomas Guatemala254,78449.0M MT375,115
20506Puerto Quetzal Guatemala72,185110M MT148,679
20513Puerto Barrios Guatemala102,7036.6M MT368,895
20577San Jose Guatemala12015.0M MT1
20801Belize Belize1,121127k MT1,319
21101Acajutla El Salvador8,41529.7M MT13,398
21527Puerto Castilla Honduras48,5202.2M MT125,577
21531Puerto Cortes Honduras280,73011.1M MT353,672
21535Guanaja Honduras485529k MT3
21599All Other Honduras West Coast Region Ports4814.9k MT485
21902Arlen Siu Nicaragua1,45023.8k MT1,598
21951Corinto Nicaragua10,84527.0M MT12,697
22300All Other Costa Rica Caribbean Region Ports21,9511.0M MT53,587
22313Limon Costa Rica7,372227k MT16,146
22315Moin Costa Rica137,7579.4M MT376,133
22361Caldera Costa Rica48,5791.5M MT74,786
22363Golfito Costa Rica12612.2k MT0
22501Almirante Panama2,457130k MT6,851
22518Cristobal Panama152,4555.1M MT252,604
22519Colon Panama167,0033.7M MT264,862
22556Manzanillo Panama423,77011.8M MT610,302
22575Balboa Panama49,160112M MT67,716
22579Panama City Panama120650k MT0
22587Puerto Armuelles Panama324160M MT0
22599All Other Panama West Coast Region Ports112,136113M MT187,638
23201Hamilton Bermuda2,184941k MT1,766
23299All Other Bermuda Ports72458.6k MT217
23600All Other Bahamas Ports1,504790k MT2,322
23619Eleuthera Island Bahamas17426.5k MT54
23620Cat Cays Bahamas106930 MT41
23623Governors Harbour Bahamas200668 MT132
23624Half Moon Cay Bahamas362364 MT213
23635Clarence Town Bahamas169477 MT159
23640Cherokee Sound Bahamas10,68285.1k MT1,409
23642Great Stirrup Cay Bahamas400559 MT107
23645Freeport, Grand Bahama Island Bahamas327,782392M MT637,673
23653Matthew Town Bahamas3042.2M MT305

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