List of Vessels
Results 1 to 50   --   Numbers are based on data since March 1st, 2019
IMO Number Vessel Port Calls Manifests Gross Tonnage Containers
1218467455-435789 MT13
9433066A DAISEN13811,648187.9k MT11,054
9833383A FUJI22,08415.3k MT8
9433054A KINKA27646.5k MT2
9354674A OBELIX118 MT0
9521564AAL BANGKOK2114.0k MT0
9498341AAL BRISBANE731520.9k MT209
9498470AAL DALIAN710612.2k MT22
9393577AAL GALVESTON1329552k MT232
9393553AAL GENOA2037486.6k MT422
9393541AAL GLADSTONE427424k MT1
9498353AAL KEMBLA6498.0k MT64
9498444AAL KOBE3207.2k MT14
9498456AAL MELBOURNE139.4k MT0
9498482AAL NEWCASTLE332.8k MT0
9498389AAL PUSAN2168.1k MT0
9498365AAL SINGAPORE545622.8k MT144
9260378ABB LYDIA128028.8k MT10
9437309ABB VANESSA2819k MT0
9693068ABLIANI613367.5k MT0
9494022ABU AL ABYAD3346.8M MT0
9715842ABY MONICA115840.4k MT0
9646728ABYSSINIAN416353k MT0
9505522ACACIA MING61,48817.4k MT1,141
9338292ACACIA VIRGO25876.7k MT465
1518391ACADIA2418.6k MT0
9193800ACE2624810.6k MT533
9720043ACER ARROW45847.9k MT0
9458494ACHILLEAS48274.9k MT0
9270907ACHILLES BULKER53450.9k MT0
9228021ACHILLEUS3384.1k MT0
9019652ACONCAGUA BAY615416k MT10
9432115ADAM ASNYK5598.8k MT10
9260914ADAMS5017,025334.6k MT15,620
9587829ADARA1134k MT0
9303766ADELHEID-S.3494 MT8
9884617ADMIRAL JIMMU22121k MT0
9272773ADMIRALTY SPIRIT32916.7k MT0
9706310ADONIS2618,096337.5k MT10,077
9446881ADRIA ACE5218988.5k MT4
9164237ADRIAN MAERSK2217 MT0
9260457ADRIAN MAERSK6842,635680.4k MT36,666
9662021ADRIATIC GAS6832.1k MT0
9387918ADRIATIC WAVE1221208.6k MT0
9259197ADS OSLO81475.1M MT0
9472634ADVANTAGE ANTHEM912577.5k MT0
9419448ADVANTAGE ARROW218158k MT0
9419450ADVANTAGE AVENUE68379.5k MT0
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