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IMO Number Vessel Port Calls Manifests Gross Tonnage Containers
938089317 FEBRUARY35252k MT0
9369368650-62324.9k MT0
97141737 OCEANS8841.5 MT8
9833383A FUJI92,15940.7k MT4,146
9555228A GORYU478724.9k MT1,725
9433054A KINKA61,05424.1k MT2,363
9354662A. IDEFIX736942.3k MT4,475
9521564AAL BANGKOK2114.0k MT0
9498341AAL BRISBANE1638444.2k MT956
9498470AAL DALIAN12333681k MT521
9521540AAL DAMPIER13925 MT0
9393577AAL GALVESTON2118451.1k MT609
9393553AAL GENOA2337581.8k MT859
9393565AAL GIBRALTAR1535559.8k MT535
9393541AAL GLADSTONE719626.1k MT333
9498468AAL HONG KONG3435.2k MT350
9498353AAL KEMBLA1711248.4k MT291
9498444AAL KOBE6318.5k MT19
9509712AAL MARS515616.1k MT206
9498456AAL MELBOURNE21711.7k MT8
9509695AAL MERKUR75815.9k MT16
9509671AAL MOON8106677k MT202
9498482AAL NEWCASTLE919416.5k MT256
9498389AAL PUSAN1610344.5k MT109
9498365AAL SINGAPORE1227832.0k MT648
9260378ABB LYDIA127928.8k MT6
9437309ABB VANESSA36422.1k MT177
9372224ABIGAIL CLAIRE1120.5 MT1
9908281ABILITY11051.7k MT0
9693068ABLIANI715448k MT0
9655212ABTENAUER61196.8k MT0
9494022ABU AL ABYAD6746.9M MT0
9715842ABY MONICA115840.4k MT0
9646728ABYSSINIAN16315124k MT0
9623116AC AMITY7447.1M MT0
9310745AC KATHRYN3592.1k MT0
9470791AC SESODA31234.5k MT0
9505522ACACIA MING61,02315.0k MT1,222
9338292ACACIA VIRGO24296.1k MT511
1518391ACADIA3418.6k MT0
9651541ACADIA DESGAGNES63320.3k MT6
9298715ACADIAN1013682.2M MT0
9193800ACE4435916.8k MT760
9720043ACER ARROW10145106k MT0
9575137ACHI2659.4k MT0
9458494ACHILLEAS59275k MT0
9270907ACHILLES BULKER63481.7k MT0
9228021ACHILLEUS3384.1k MT0
9019652ACONCAGUA BAY1341843.8k MT41

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46,322Port Calls
20.0B MTWeight Unladed
17.5MContainers Unladed

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