Vessel Information
IMO # 9126297
Manifests on File13,311
Dates on File2019-03-09 - 2022-03-18
Total Unladed171.4k Metric Tons
US Port Calls101

Between March 9th, 2019 and March 18th, 2022, HONOR has made 101 port calls at 9 U.S. ports and unladed roughly 171.4k metric tons.

Primary U.S. Port Calls for HONOR
Recent U.S. Port Calls
Port Code Port Arrival Date Manifests Weight Unladed
1401Norfolk, Virginia2022-03-1810.4 MTView Manifests
1303Baltimore, Maryland2022-03-153125,257.2 MTView Manifests
1303Baltimore, Maryland2022-03-1410.7 MTView Manifests
1601Charleston, South Carolina2022-03-1397234.3 MTView Manifests
5310Galveston, Texas2022-01-294254,021.5 MTView Manifests
5310Galveston, Texas2022-01-27246.8 MTView Manifests
1701Brunswick, Georgia2022-01-25126834.0 MTView Manifests
1601Charleston, South Carolina2022-01-241341,711.4 MTView Manifests
1303Baltimore, Maryland2022-01-213211,668.7 MTView Manifests
1303Baltimore, Maryland2021-11-073997.7 MTView Manifests
1701Brunswick, Georgia2021-11-0451,321.1 MTView Manifests
5310Galveston, Texas2021-10-272561,960.3 MTView Manifests
1601Charleston, South Carolina2021-10-2090378.8 MTView Manifests
1303Baltimore, Maryland2021-10-1824.5 MTView Manifests
1303Baltimore, Maryland2021-10-162602,305.7 MTView Manifests
1601Charleston, South Carolina2021-10-111105.2 MTView Manifests
1303Baltimore, Maryland2021-09-1341,618.4 MTView Manifests
5310Galveston, Texas2021-09-02266569.6 MTView Manifests
1803Jacksonville, Florida2021-08-284816,584.2 MTView Manifests
1701Brunswick, Georgia2021-08-2778304.8 MTView Manifests
Recent Manifests
Bill of Lading Arrival Date Shipper Consignee Commodity -
AROFGBSOU22002122022-03-151 VAN PACK DOD HOUSEHOLDGOODS 509.23 KGS 5.080 CBM 213.4 X 107.24 X 222 CM YATESYBCA007366_1 1 VAN PACK DOD HOUSEHOLD GOODS 509....Full Manifest
AROFGBSOU22002112022-03-151 VAN PACKDOD HOUSEHOLD GOODS 428.644 KGS 4.861 CBM 213.4 X 102.6 X 222 CM MARTINYBCA00737_1 1 VAN PACK DOD HOUSEHOLD GOODS 428....Full Manifest
AROFGBSOU22002022022-03-15SHANE DOLLARCAR VIN: JZA80-0025858 Full Manifest
AROFGBSOU22002012022-03-15CHRISTIAN MADEROVAN VIN: VSESJS00C00102370 Full Manifest
AROFGBSOU22002002022-03-15MICHAEL MAGEEVAN VIN: YV4162UM3M2487505 Full Manifest
AROFGBSOU22001992022-03-15LOGAN BROSIUSVAN VIN: 1FMCU0HX7DUB13120 Full Manifest
AROFGBSOU22001982022-03-15NATHAN BUSKVAN VIN: 5TDDSKFC6MS012407 Full Manifest
AROFGBSOU22001972022-03-15JOHN OROSVAN VIN: 3D4GG57V39T174964 Full Manifest
AROFGBSOU22001962022-03-15ELLIOT OCLAIREVAN VIN: 1C4NJPFA7ED682399 Full Manifest
AROFGBSOU22001952022-03-15JENNIFER DOUGHERTYVAN VIN: JTEBT17R078038135 Full Manifest
AROFGBSOU22001942022-03-15KATHERINE MINERVAN VIN: 2FMPK4AP9JBB70560 Full Manifest
AROFGBSOU22001932022-03-15JOHNPATRICK DAGUROCAR VIN: 2HGFB2F70FH514828 Full Manifest
AROFGBSOU22001922022-03-15MATTHEW PERKINSCAR VIN:3VWG17AU2JM279324 Full Manifest
AROFGBSOU22001912022-03-15STEPHEN HOLDENRIEDCAR VIN: 1FA6P8TH1F5332701 Full Manifest
AROFGBSOU22001902022-03-15GENESI SANTOS ACEVEDOCAR VIN: 3VWD17AJ8GM394687 Full Manifest
AROFGBSOU22001892022-03-15MADISON MCCROSTIECAR VIN: 2T1BURHE8GC634464 Full Manifest
AROFGBSOU22001882022-03-15PATRICK LUNQUISTCAR VIN: JM1NDAD70G0102321 Full Manifest
AROFDEBRH22012312022-03-15SWARTZ ZACHARYVAN VIN: 1FTEX1EP5FFB99758 Full Manifest
AROFDEBRH22012302022-03-15DAVE FORDVAN VIN: 5UXTY5C07M9E10554 Full Manifest
AROFDEBRH22012292022-03-15TIMOTHY SHILESCAR VIN: WBAGV4C00NCH31990 Full Manifest
AROFDEBRH22012282022-03-15STEVEN MATHEWSVAN VIN: JF2GTAMC4J8206622 Full Manifest
AROFDEBRH22012272022-03-15CRISTOPHER LOREVAN VIN: 2T3DFREV1DW076806 Full Manifest
AROFDEBRH22012262022-03-15JAE DUGANVAN VIN: 2T3RFREV3DW039746 Full Manifest
AROFDEBRH22012252022-03-15JOSEPH ROJASVAN VIN: JTEKU5JR9N5995942 Full Manifest
U.S. Port Summary
Code Port Calls Avg. Days Btw. Calls Total Manifests Avg. Manifests Total Wt. Unladed Avg. Wt. Unladed
1303Baltimore, Maryland31375.2k16654.5k MT1.8k MTView Manifests
1401Norfolk, Virginia1-110 MT0 MTView Manifests
1601Charleston, South Carolina23502.1k9015.3k MT665 MTView Manifests
1701Brunswick, Georgia22501.2k5321.2k MT962 MTView Manifests
1803Jacksonville, Florida1-484816.6k MT16.6k MTView Manifests
2104Beaumont, Texas1-41413.7k MT3.7k MTView Manifests
5301Houston, Texas1-110 MT0 MTView Manifests
5310Galveston, Texas19584.8k25430.3k MT1.6k MTView Manifests
5312Corpus Christi, Texas2222251329.9k MT14.9k MTView Manifests
Foreign Port Summary
Code Port Manifests Weight Laded
42870Bremerhaven, Germany7.5k57.2k MT
45101Klaipeda, Lithuania2229.8k MT
41374Hamble, United Kingdom1.3k28.4k MT
20193Altamira, Mexico5221.7k MT
45507Stettin, Poland4816.6k MT
42381Zeebrugge, Belgium1839.7k MT
42300All Other Belgium Ports, Belgium6805.8k MT
20199Veracruz, Mexico182.5k MT
42869Bremen, Germany191.6k MT
42305Antwerp, Belgium1400 MT
20100All Other Mexico West Coast Region Ports23 MT
45505Gdynia, Poland31 MT
Similarly Named Vessels
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