Vessel Information
IMO # 9435856
Manifests on File279
Dates on File2019-02-27 - 2022-10-21
Total Unladed52.3k Metric Tons
US Port Calls12

Between February 27th, 2019 and October 21st, 2022, KURT PAUL has made 12 port calls at 5 U.S. ports and unladed roughly 52.3k metric tons.

Primary U.S. Port Calls for KURT PAUL
Recent U.S. Port Calls
Port Code Port Arrival Date Manifests Weight Unladed
5301Houston, Texas2022-10-21501,357.8 MTView Manifests
1601Charleston, South Carolina2022-10-14764,279.0 MTView Manifests
2002New Orleans, Louisiana2022-03-05332,791.1 MTView Manifests
5301Houston, Texas2021-08-302484.6 MTView Manifests
5301Houston, Texas2021-07-25615,419.6 MTView Manifests
5312Corpus Christi, Texas2021-04-1074,477.0 MTView Manifests
5301Houston, Texas2020-07-2067,566.7 MTView Manifests
2301Brownsville, Texas2020-07-164472.7 MTView Manifests
5301Houston, Texas2019-11-05125.5 MTView Manifests
5301Houston, Texas2019-06-089111,203.9 MTView Manifests
5301Houston, Texas2019-03-0423,722.0 MTView Manifests
2301Brownsville, Texas2019-02-271495.9 MTView Manifests
Recent Manifests
Bill of Lading Arrival Date Shipper Consignee Commodity -
BBHY1106069CH252022-10-21GREEN COFFEE Full Manifest
BBHY1106069CH242022-10-21GREEN COFFEE Full Manifest
BBHY1106069CH232022-10-21GREEN COFFEE ,GREEEN COFFEE Full Manifest
BBHY1106069CH222022-10-21GREEN COFFEE Full Manifest
BBHY1106069CH212022-10-21GREEN COFFEE Full Manifest
BBHY1106069CH202022-10-21GREEN COFFEE Full Manifest
BBHY1106069CH192022-10-21GREEN COFFEE Full Manifest
BBHY1106069CH182022-10-21GREEN COFFEE Full Manifest
BBHY1106069CH172022-10-21GREEN COFFEE Full Manifest
BBHY1106069CH162022-10-21GREEN COFFEE Full Manifest
BBHY1106069CH152022-10-21GREEN COFFEE Full Manifest
BBHY1106069CH142022-10-21GREEN COFFEE Full Manifest
BBHY1106069CH132022-10-21GREEN COFFEE Full Manifest
BBHY1106069CH122022-10-21GREEN COFFEE Full Manifest
BBHY1106069CH112022-10-21GREEN COFEE Full Manifest
BBHY1106069CH102022-10-21GREEN COFFEE Full Manifest
BBHY1106069CH092022-10-21GREEN COFFEE Full Manifest
BBHY1106069CH062022-10-21GREEN COFFEE ,GREEN COFEE Full Manifest
BBHY1106069CH072022-10-21GREEN COFFEE ,GREEEN COFFEE Full Manifest
BBHY1106069CH082022-10-21GREEEN COFFEE Full Manifest
BBHY1106069CH052022-10-21GREEN COFFEE Full Manifest
BBHY1106069CH042022-10-21GREEEN COFFEE ,GREEN COFFEE Full Manifest
BBHY1106069CH032022-10-21GREEN COFFEE Full Manifest
BBHY1106069CH022022-10-21GREEN COFFEE Full Manifest
BBHY1106069CH012022-10-21GREEN COFFEE Full Manifest
U.S. Port Summary
Code Port Calls Avg. Days Btw. Calls Total Manifests Avg. Manifests Total Wt. Unladed Avg. Wt. Unladed
1601Charleston, South Carolina1-76764.3k MT4.3k MTView Manifests
2002New Orleans, Louisiana1-33332.8k MT2.8k MTView Manifests
2301Brownsville, Texas250553969 MT484 MTView Manifests
5301Houston, Texas72211582339.8k MT5.7k MTView Manifests
5312Corpus Christi, Texas1-774.5k MT4.5k MTView Manifests
Foreign Port Summary
Code Port Manifests Weight Laded
35711Campana, Argentina2722.4k MT
51720Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia67.6k MT
30140Puerto Drummond, Colombia384.3k MT
47005Bilbao, Spain63.8k MT
40919Esbjerg, Denmark23.7k MT
35171Niteroi, Brazil653.4k MT
54930Laem Chabang, Thailand102.4k MT
33303Callao, Peru251.4k MT
35120Pecem, Brazil4981 MT
47000All Other Spain Atlantic Region Ports North of Portugal, Spain1703 MT
42867Brake, Germany1496 MT
53398All Other India East Coast Ports, India2473 MT
55224Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam6342 MT
35198Abaetetuba, Brazil1247 MT
35177Santos, Brazil1108 MT
01822Montreal, Quebec, Canada126 MT
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