IMO: 9288863

Vessel Information

Between August 14th, 2019 and April 15th, 2022, SEAQUEEN (9288863 ) has made 7 port calls at 4 U.S. ports and unladed roughly 451k metric tons.

IMO Number9288863
Bills of Lading on File21
Dates on File2019-08-14 to 2022-04-15
Weight Unladed451k Metric Tons
Weight Unladed
Last 90 Days
0.0 Metric Tons
Containers Unladed0
Containers Unladed
Last 90 Days
US Port Calls7

Primary U.S. Port Calls for SEAQUEEN

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Recent U.S. Port Calls

Port Code Port Arrival Date Records Weight Unladed
2004Baton Rouge, Louisiana2022-04-15480,929.0 MTView Records
4601Newark, New Jersey2022-01-27280,223.9 MTView Records
4601Newark, New Jersey2021-10-20278,290.9 MTView Records
5301Houston, Texas2021-07-12674,688.3 MTView Records
2004Baton Rouge, Louisiana2021-05-0916,559.6 MTView Records
5301Houston, Texas2021-04-20574,401.1 MTView Records
2017Lake Charles, Louisiana2019-08-14155,450.0 MTView Records

U.S. Port Summary

Code Port Name Port Calls Recent Port Call Total Bills of Lading Total Wt. Unladed
2004Baton Rouge, Louisiana22022-04-155.087.5k MTView Records
2017Lake Charles, Louisiana12019-08-141.055.5k MTView Records
4601Newark, New Jersey22022-01-274.0159k MTView Records
5301Houston, Texas22021-07-1211.0149k MTView Records

Foreign Port Summary

Code Port Bills of Lading Total Wt. Laded
47542Augusta Italy7.0105k MTView Records
72520Ras Lanuf Libya2.093.5k MTView Records
47305Valletta Malta6.074.7k MTView Records
14065Point Tupper, CBI Canada2.065.0k MTView Records
46220All Other Russia Baltic Region Ports1.055.5k MTView Records
47300All Other Malta Ports1.034.0k MTView Records
72949Suez Egypt2.023.3k MTView Records

Top Companies Using SEAQUEEN

Company Name Records Last Port Call
GALTRADE LTD62021-07-12
P66 COMPANY22021-10-20
NATIXIS, PARIS12019-08-14

21 Most Recent Bills of Lading

Run Date Master BOL House BOL Voyage # Bill Type Carrier Code IMO # Vessel Name Arrival Date US Port Foreign Port Quantity Weight Shipper Consignee Notify Party Commodity
2022-04-19TNAR20221642XR170Regular BillTNAR9288863SEAQUEEN2022-04-15BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANAAUGUSTA ITALY1 BLK34,091,922 KG221,669 BBL GSV @ 60F FUEL OIL API. 14.79
2022-04-19TNAR20221641XR170Regular BillTNAR9288863SEAQUEEN2022-04-15BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANAAUGUSTA ITALY1 BLK6,940,668 KG45,129 BBL GSV @ 60F FUEL OIL API. 14.79
2022-04-19TNAR20221640XR170Regular BillTNAR9288863SEAQUEEN2022-04-15BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANAAUGUSTA ITALY1 BLK5,876,978 KG38,213 BBL GSV @ 60F FUEL OIL API. 14.79
2022-04-19TNAR20221639XR170Regular BillTNAR9288863SEAQUEEN2022-04-15BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANAALL OTHER MALTA PORTS1 BLK34,019,444 KG222,323 BBL GSV @ 60F FUEL OIL API. 15.21