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IMO Number Vessel Port Calls Manifests Gross Tonnage Containers
9613678LOUISE B1149.2k MT0
9583108LOUISIANA MAMA64897.6k MT0
9357121LOUISIANA TRADER332,25559.1k MT9,078
9281578LOUKAS I58139k MT0
9604770LOVELY LEAH63365.4k MT0
9308833LOVINA410342k MT0
9738947LOWLANDS AMSTEL425477.3k MT0
9860817LOWLANDS ANGEL2240.0k MT0
9400916LOWLANDS BRABO3326.2k MT0
9660097LOWLANDS BREEZE41659.1M MT2
9789946LOWLANDS DAWN1186.0k MT0
9799771LOWLANDS FUTURE437152k MT0
9591595LOWLANDS GREEN110.7 MT0
9727182LOWLANDS HOPE335882.3k MT0
9674787LOWLANDS HOPPER531156k MT0
9781982LOWLANDS LIGHT2278.4k MT0
9802255LOWLANDS MIMOSA22109k MT0
9317559LOWLANDS OPAL2269.7k MT0
9909223LOWLANDS SAGE1167.5k MT0
9731212LOWLANDS YELLOW2288.0k MT0
9497488LOYALTY1125.0k MT0
9307085LR1 AMBASSADOR32471.3M MT0
9307102LR1 CARRIER173151.7M MT0
9378632LR2 POSEIDON2292.8k MT0
8217609LRI CARRIER440.6 MT0
9328560LT OCEAN STAR480188k MT0
9359478LUBARA223.1 MT0
9441984LUBIE1371111k MT0
9715218LUCHOW1026116k MT40
9301926LUCIE SCHULTE161,75478.4k MT4,164
9443384LUCKY HONG10173100k MT23
9479840LUCTOR810176k MT0
9242273LUCY117.2 MT0
9732486LUCY41471.6k MT100
9229013LUCY PG5940.1k MT0
9415155LUDOGORETS52977.7k MT0
9244087LUGANO14617.3k MT0
9346457LUMEN N44731.5M MT0
9110107LUMINOUS ACE2127.9k MT62
9643166LUMINOUS NOVA1243.1k MT0
9640114LUMPHINI PARK81359.4k MT0
9190781LUNA MAERSK1713,200496k MT30,817
9372315LUNA SPIRIT5175186.7k MT0
9685621LUNITA560533k MT0
9814600LURLINE3410,414135k MT12,198
9246695LUTETIA466,557294k MT14,212
9311646LUTSEN1321102k MT0
9479008LUZON2278.9k MT0

Stats Over the Past Year

Calculated based on BOLs since March 19th, 2022
46,445Port Calls
22.8B MTWeight Unladed
18.8MContainers Unladed

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