List of Vessels
Results 8,951 to 8,991   --   Numbers are based on data since March 1st, 2019
IMO Number Vessel Port Calls Manifests Gross Tonnage Containers
8906743ZIM HONG KONG2325 MT0
9332884ZIM HOUSTON5859,509824.5k MT26,125
7205922ZIM IBERIA217206 MT2
9431719ZIM IBERIA97,271102.2k MT686
9139919ZIM IBERIA819326 MT3
9389693ZIM KINGSTON1713,951117.2k MT1,421
9403229ZIM LUANDA10042,427794.5k MT25,328
9389708ZIM MONACO10145,510840.2k MT26,248
9290555ZIM NEWARK9160,9481.2M MT40,731
9398400ZIM NINGBO15736,0311.1M MT36,751
9710220ZIM NORFOLK87,145138.7k MT999
9400136ZIM ONTARIO2239 MT2
9200706ZIM PUSAN32,85235.7k MT394
9318163ZIM QINGDAO9945,896858.2k MT25,551
9363376ZIM RIO GRANDE22,06316.4k MT1,672
9398450ZIM ROTTERDAM8363,7721.3M MT37,930
9398412ZIM SAN DIEGO14544,5251.1M MT35,825
9389681ZIM SAO PAOLO2495,139431.4k MT12,155
9282974ZIM SAVANNAH1235 MT0
9250971ZIM SAVANNAH2831,639566.8k MT14,616
9305570ZIM SHANGHAI116,419113.1k MT958
9322322ZIM SHEKOU9643,448790.6k MT25,290
9196840ZIM TAMPA2215,513256.5k MT2,331
9471214ZIM TARRAGONA9841,591784.5k MT24,622
9936513ZIM THAILAND2442 MT2
9945473ZIM USA510110 MT1
9322334ZIM VANCOUVER9944,030816.3k MT26,009
9231808ZIM VIRGINIA49100,919624.9k MT23,283
9699115ZIM WILMINGTON4036,264664.1k MT12,371
9710232ZIM XIAMEN78,013129k MT1,119
9305582ZIM YANTIAN87,175138.7k MT1,009
9322346ZIM YOKOHAMA9844,973822.2k MT26,653
9486465ZINA49281.6k MT0
9746205ZIRCON2335516.2k MT0
9675078ZOE SCHULTE223222.9k MT13
9486013ZOGRAFIA1146.8k MT0
9216987ZOI9018,092382.5k MT16,165
9704441ZOILO4776.4k MT0
9700861ZOITSA SIGALA2294.5k MT0
9574042ZUDAR2228.8M MT0
9308821ZUMA1184k MT0
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