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IMO Number Vessel Port Calls Manifests Gross Tonnage Containers
9738088ZHEN ZHU HAI115318.4k MT0
9593787ZHENG KAI14955.8k MT0
9252242ZHONG AN XIN HUA YUAN177,968137k MT14,136
9400124ZHONG GU FU JIAN226,620184k MT13,880
9232113ZHONG GU JI LIN207,421181k MT15,724
9400148ZHONG GU JIANG SU42,681379k MT6,552
9139921ZHONG GU LIAO NING299823.4k MT1,740
9333060ZHONG GU SHAN DONG196,222155k MT13,107
9617179ZHONG HAI CHANG YUN 61144.0k MT0
9446180ZHOU SHAN HAI3345.4M MT0
9610729ZHOUSHAN ISLAND67192k MT0
9650339ZHUANG YUAN AO1110.6k MT0
9677026ZIM ALABAMA5131,954666k MT56,924
9398448ZIM ANTWERP7742,0091.1M MT78,322
9945485ZIM CANADA63,35986.3k MT6,226
9461506ZIM CHARLESTON148,856212k MT15,879
9389382ZIM CHINA112,24063.1k MT3,879
9471202ZIM CONSTANZA7422,066638k MT37,362
9391268ZIM DALIAN289231.3k MT2,019
9189354ZIM EUROPE105,648105k MT9,443
9218650ZIM HAIFA116,629110k MT10,707
9290567ZIM HONG KONG7737,319929k MT68,436
9332884ZIM HOUSTON4531,089594k MT54,164
9431719ZIM IBERIA52,31473.5k MT5,055
9389693ZIM KINGSTON34,06474.5k MT5,057
9403229ZIM LUANDA8023,242687k MT40,088
9389708ZIM MONACO8324,835714k MT41,825
9290555ZIM NEWARK8142,2941.1M MT78,594
9398400ZIM NINGBO6829,5691.1M MT76,132
9710220ZIM NORFOLK84,292110k MT7,666
9200706ZIM PUSAN74,71886.9k MT7,707
9318163ZIM QINGDAO7423,833681k MT39,811
9363376ZIM RIO GRANDE196214.2k MT1,481
9398450ZIM ROTTERDAM7742,3691.1M MT79,523
9398412ZIM SAN DIEGO6333,9421.1M MT81,123
9389681ZIM SAO PAOLO1913,941280k MT21,108
9250971ZIM SAVANNAH3022,544469k MT39,671
9305570ZIM SHANGHAI126,382147k MT11,080
9322322ZIM SHEKOU7623,120664k MT38,781
9196840ZIM TAMPA2212,121241k MT19,916
9471214ZIM TARRAGONA7421,354624k MT36,323
9936513ZIM THAILAND95,137128k MT9,734
9945473ZIM USA84,954122k MT9,323
9322334ZIM VANCOUVER8124,280700k MT40,923
9231808ZIM VIRGINIA3825,259499k MT37,492
9699115ZIM WILMINGTON4125,438588k MT43,949
9710232ZIM XIAMEN85,04496.7k MT8,470
9305582ZIM YANTIAN116,964171k MT12,255
9322346ZIM YOKOHAMA7924,733702k MT41,511
9486465ZINA49281.6k MT0

Stats Over the Past Year

Calculated based on BOLs since March 19th, 2022
46,445Port Calls
22.8B MTWeight Unladed
18.8MContainers Unladed

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