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IMO Number Vessel Port Calls Manifests Gross Tonnage Containers
9393682VENUS GLORY352.3 MT0
9392341VENUS LEADER245.1k MT0
9796951VENUS SKY25100k MT0
9505900VENUS SPIRIT60733109k MT0
9234501VERACRUZ17132 MT0
9401128VERIGE613148k MT0
9905734VERILA3448.7k MT0
9577604VERITY85211.2M MT1
9292149VERMONT TRADER11,47121.3k MT2,029
9285328VERONICA PG2718.3k MT0
9585546VERUDA1148.0 MT0
9421295VESTHOLMEN2131166k MT0
9489675VI-NAIS2214514.9k MT653
9738466VICTORIA716139k MT183
9059999VICTORIA CLIPPER V38510.8 MT0
9589229VICTORIA HARBOUR11514.9k MT0
9827255VICTORIA HIGHWAY763,523364k MT376
9730220VICTORIA MAY48178k MT0
9817511VICTORIA T56195k MT0
9234276VICTORIABORG113834.3M MT0
9610406VICTORIOUS ACE2631555.2k MT0
9588419VICTORY C1126.3M MT0
9318838VICTORY G121211.6 MT9
9395628VICTORY LEADER2042752.3k MT0
9773040VICTORY VENTURE810562k MT0
9621869VIDEN2668.8k MT0
9403205VIENNA24108k MT0
9450416VIENNA EXPRESS13575,2562.1M MT118,670
9383508VIGOR SW610946.4k MT0
9673018VIKING ADVENTURE2218143.5k MT5
9481049VIKING AMBER173.7k MT0
9673020VIKING BRAVERY2319180.5k MT80
9407689VIKING CONSTANZA9299.3k MT39
9481051VIKING CORAL1912819.9k MT0
9728863VIKING DESTINY3131469.0k MT23
9481075VIKING DIAMOND52412.1k MT0
9188817VIKING DRIVE121,99129.0k MT85
9514987VIKING EMERALD1164.4k MT0
9398876VIKING ODESSA399670.2k MT60
9796250VIKING ORION1869632 MT55
9136967VIKING PRINCESS11051.1k MT0
9318462VIKING QUEEN71613233k MT0
9515008VIKING SEA215814.2k MT32
9650420VIKING SKY8254.1 MT25
9650418VIKING STAR20851.1k MT85
9610810VIKTOR BAKAEV36703.0M MT0
9609744VIKTOR TSOI1257.5M MT0
9404443VIL ATLANTIC74873.3M MT0
9529293VILAMOURA37224k MT0

Stats Over the Past Year

Calculated based on BOLs since November 5th, 2022
46,184Port Calls
21.4B MTWeight Unladed
16.7MContainers Unladed

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