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IMO Number Vessel Port Calls Manifests Gross Tonnage Containers
9886378ZEUS56688k MT0
9476733ZEUS LEADER1413826.6k MT0
9700421ZEYNO1150.8k MT0
9576791ZHAO YANG FENG1165.3k MT0
8714970ZHEN HUA 15123.6k MT0
8414738ZHEN HUA 235717.7k MT0
8414726ZHEN HUA 2451427.3k MT0
8700242ZHEN HUA 255819.8k MT0
8700254ZHEN HUA 265817.7k MT0
8710182ZHEN HUA 27368.3k MT0
8700266ZHEN HUA 282610.6k MT0
8700498ZHEN HUA 29239.3k MT0
9172686ZHEN HUA 312411.3k MT0
9237802ZHEN HUA 353712.6k MT0
9254903ZHEN HUA 365922.2k MT0
9541825ZHEN XIANG 915687 MT150
9738088ZHEN ZHU HAI215449.2k MT0
9593787ZHENG KAI14955.8k MT0
9601883ZHENG YAO1539.2k MT0
9830769ZHI XIAN ZHI XING229.8k MT0
9252242ZHONG AN XIN HUA YUAN177,960136k MT14,086
9400124ZHONG GU FU JIAN226,620184k MT13,880
9232113ZHONG GU JI LIN207,421181k MT15,724
9400148ZHONG GU JIANG SU42,681379k MT6,552
9139921ZHONG GU LIAO NING299823.4k MT1,740
9333060ZHONG GU SHAN DONG196,222155k MT13,107
9617179ZHONG HAI CHANG YUN 61144.0k MT0
9446180ZHOU SHAN HAI3345.4M MT0
9610729ZHOUSHAN ISLAND67192k MT0
9650339ZHUANG YUAN AO1110.6k MT0
9677026ZIM ALABAMA5834,302752k MT62,201
9244934ZIM AMERICA2614,349408k MT27,633
9398448ZIM ANTWERP8749,2091.3M MT91,676
9464716ZIM ASIA102,52671.9k MT4,910
9440801ZIM ATLANTIC61,36740.2k MT2,385
9395953ZIM BALTIMORE2020,857287k MT26,367
9936525ZIM BANGKOK117,479200k MT13,532
9945485ZIM CANADA1510,009263k MT18,516
9461506ZIM CHARLESTON2316,844383k MT29,890
9389382ZIM CHINA225,203143k MT8,655
9471202ZIM CONSTANZA7422,066638k MT37,362
9391268ZIM DALIAN289231.3k MT2,019
9189354ZIM EUROPE187,773169k MT14,271
9218650ZIM HAIFA198,846186k MT15,277
9290567ZIM HONG KONG8644,9071.1M MT82,528
9431719ZIM IBERIA144,171127k MT8,387
9403229ZIM LUANDA8925,119741k MT43,458
9389708ZIM MONACO9527,761795k MT46,835
9931111ZIM MOUNT BLANC74,514129k MT8,704
9931123ZIM MOUNT DENALI65,232147k MT12,322

Stats Over the Past Year

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46,181Port Calls
21.8B MTWeight Unladed
16.7MContainers Unladed

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