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IMO Number Vessel Port Calls Manifests Gross Tonnage Containers
9446180ZHOU SHAN HAI3345.4M MT0
9610729ZHOUSHAN ISLAND67192k MT0
9650339ZHUANG YUAN AO4443.0k MT0
9677026ZIM ALABAMA5834,302752k MT62,201
9967952ZIM AMBER51,25138.0k MT2,932
9244934ZIM AMERICA3015,991451k MT30,693
9398448ZIM ANTWERP9051,2351.3M MT95,539
9963217ZIM ARIES41,28437.6k MT2,616
9464716ZIM ASIA185,016137k MT8,960
9440801ZIM ATLANTIC123,18988.6k MT5,434
9936525ZIM BANGKOK1611,472320k MT22,614
9945485ZIM CANADA2114,992388k MT28,188
9461506ZIM CHARLESTON2619,379440k MT34,376
9389382ZIM CHINA297,033199k MT12,106
9471202ZIM CONSTANZA7422,066638k MT37,362
9967964ZIM CORAL41,77945.5k MT3,132
9391268ZIM DALIAN289231.3k MT2,019
9967976ZIM EMERALD41,26436.2k MT2,757
9189354ZIM EUROPE187,773169k MT14,271
9218650ZIM HAIFA239,790216k MT17,514
9290567ZIM HONG KONG9250,4791.2M MT92,121
9332884ZIM HOUSTON4832,273615k MT56,004
9431719ZIM IBERIA205,913177k MT11,566
9403229ZIM LUANDA8925,119741k MT43,458
9389708ZIM MONACO9527,760795k MT46,829
9931111ZIM MOUNT BLANC128,995269k MT19,315
9931123ZIM MOUNT DENALI108,266224k MT18,554
9932529ZIM MOUNT ELBRUS32,22278.5k MT5,558
9931109ZIM MOUNT EVEREST1210,106275k MT20,855
9932517ZIM MOUNT FUJI32,78871.1k MT5,260
9932490ZIM MOUNT KILIMANJARO65,273155k MT11,727
9932505ZIM MOUNT OLYMPUS32,96474.9k MT5,407
9931135ZIM MOUNT RAINIER64,804142k MT11,659
9290555ZIM NEWARK9856,5771.4M MT103,461
9398400ZIM NINGBO8442,2401.3M MT98,932
9710220ZIM NORFOLK84,292110k MT7,666
9967988ZIM OPAL41,24937.1k MT2,933
9440837ZIM PACIFIC61,62449.9k MT2,955
9200706ZIM PUSAN156,995156k MT13,034
9318163ZIM QINGDAO8326,023746k MT43,768
9363376ZIM RIO GRANDE196214.2k MT1,481
9398450ZIM ROTTERDAM8648,6971.2M MT90,762
9931094ZIM SAMMY OFER1913,241379k MT28,928
9398412ZIM SAN DIEGO7543,9571.3M MT99,044
9389681ZIM SAO PAOLO1913,941280k MT21,108
9250971ZIM SAVANNAH4727,324630k MT50,349
9305570ZIM SHANGHAI188,853206k MT15,210
9322322ZIM SHEKOU8525,308723k MT42,515
9461491ZIM SHENZHEN4437,293751k MT60,722
9196840ZIM TAMPA3917,190401k MT31,495

Stats Over the Past Year

Calculated based on BOLs since April 15th, 2023
46,322Port Calls
20.0B MTWeight Unladed
17.5MContainers Unladed

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