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IMO Number Vessel Port Calls Manifests Gross Tonnage Containers
9449340FOUR AIDA43859.2k MT0
9480708FOUR BUTTERFLY65557.6M MT0
9450650FOUR NABUCCO2246.3k MT0
9450662FOUR OTELLO73933.1M MT0
9450674FOUR RIGOLETTO3442.7M MT0
9544281FOUR SKY2332.4k MT0
9480710FOUR TURANDOT31982.5k MT0
9419553FOUR WIND818339k MT0
7365265FOUR WINDS110.6 MT0
8973538FOURCHON RUNNER1834885.2k MT330
8424862FOURNI1121.1k MT0
9405564FOURNI2432633k MT0
9580144FOXTROT1234.0k MT0
9430181FPMC 192377.3M MT0
9417191FPMC 202233.0M MT0
9433846FPMC 2635106k MT0
9528366FPMC 2717137277k MT0
9528378FPMC 2873094.4k MT0
9581667FPMC 29156936.5M MT0
9581679FPMC 3051659.3k MT0
9831696FPMC 311784326k MT0
9831701FPMC 3220120340k MT0
9831713FPMC 331279186k MT0
9845166FPMC 341254174k MT0
9845178FPMC 351667198k MT0
9845180FPMC 3620102307k MT0
9468229FPMC B 20122214.9k MT0
9406178FPMC C MELODY13231k MT0
9370018FRAM2545.9 MT0
9742417FRANBO LOGIC21921.2k MT67
9742429FRANBO LOHAS31113.7k MT0
9450442FRANKFURT EXPRESS2329,072831k MT58,114
9796731FRANKOPAN19311.1M MT0
9861160FRANZ SCHULTE56981.8k MT0
9419319FRASERBORG226283.1M MT0
9416733FRATERNITY12231.2M MT0
9376488FRAUKE142114.3k MT14
9465394FREDENSBORG41278.0k MT0
9409259FREE SPIRIT89518k MT0
9386392FREE STATE2478.4k MT0
9293662FREEDOM ACE3030862.1k MT0
9129706FREEDOM GLORY12010,661110M MT15
9284245FREEDOM LINE1251.6k MT0
9304033FREEDOM OF THE SEAS2172,1311.1k MT0
9667344FREMANTLE HIGHWAY1312724.1k MT24
9804461FREUD1237.2k MT0
9904211FREYCINET221.5 MT0
9435117FRIEDA189043.7k MT224
9436769FRIEDERIKE4934.6M MT0
9841940FRIEDRICH SCHULTE317819.4k MT0

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46,181Port Calls
21.8B MTWeight Unladed
16.7MContainers Unladed

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