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IMO Number Vessel Port Calls Manifests Gross Tonnage Containers
9750000AFRICAN HERON110.4 MT0
9666429AFRICAN HHB126.4k MT0
9599779AFRICAN HORNBILL4128115k MT36
9295579AFRICAN IBIS61375.5k MT0
9919553AFRICAN ISABELLE2855.0k MT0
9638824AFRICAN JACANA1153.4k MT0
9354076AFRICAN JACARANDA61129.8k MT0
9737046AFRICAN JAY6211.1M MT0
9333711AFRICAN JOSEPH R82224.5k MT0
9326330AFRICAN JUNIPER93040.6k MT1
9666431AFRICAN KALMIA21510.8k MT0
9726205AFRICAN KESTREL21810.3k MT0
9650937AFRICAN KITE720220k MT0
9682760 AFRICAN LARK2538.7k MT0
9767572AFRICAN LEOPARD3251.1M MT42
9666443AFRICAN LILY133.8k MT0
9636450AFRICAN LION724171k MT0
9748071AFRICAN LOON644121k MT0
9713961AFRICAN LUNDE3327.0k MT0
9767431AFRICAN MACAW625134k MT0
9889655AFRICAN MARGAUX3748.2k MT0
9701267AFRICAN MERLIN31030.4k MT0
9866536AFRICAN OASIS3957.6k MT0
9612143AFRICAN OSPREY53880.0k MT0
9701255AFRICAN OWL616095.1k MT0
9883118AFRICAN PARROT727171k MT0
9692789AFRICAN PELICAN11714.8k MT0
9846330AFRICAN PHEASANT510131k MT0
9692777AFRICAN PIPER1408.6k MT20
9890903AFRICAN PIPIT13316.2k MT0
9636448AFRICAN PUFFIN671156k MT0
9738741AFRICAN QUAIL573235k MT0
9389930AFRICAN QUEEN2292.2k MT0
9727405AFRICAN RAPTOR745154k MT168
9700287AFRICAN RAVEN2335.1k MT0
9317767AFRICAN ROBIN32443.5k MT0
9700299AFRICAN ROOK1110.0k MT0
9614983AFRICAN SETO68137k MT0
9701712AFRICAN SPOONBILL7131172k MT0
9636436AFRICAN STARLING1125.5k MT0
9303364AFRICAN SWAN2942.1k MT0
9618018AFRICAN SWIFT1318.2k MT0
9655420AFRICAN TEIST2233.8k MT0
9649031AFRICAN TERN5561.5k MT0
9942029AFRICAN TIGER1133.0k MT0
9801263AFRICAN TOUCAN51066.3k MT0
9701700AFRICAN TURACO834189k MT0
9649043AFRICAN WAGTAIL1236.0k MT0

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46,282Port Calls
21.2B MTWeight Unladed
17.8MContainers Unladed

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