List of Vessels
Results 151 to 200   --   Numbers are based on data since March 1st, 2019
IMO Number Vessel Port Calls Manifests Gross Tonnage Containers
9370317AGIA ELENI1126.3k MT0
9470820AGIA SOFIA44247.7k MT0
9798375AGIOI FANENDES1017203.3k MT0
9349605AGIOS DIMITRIOS10425,837680.3k MT15,521
9465368AGIOS FANOURIOS517121.8k MT0
9693056AGIOS GERASIMOS47331.9k MT0
9291779AGIOS NIKOLAS713119.7M MT0
9400215AGLAIA1327352 MT26
9389083AGRARI511305.7k MT0
9718985AGRI PRINCESS1160.5k MT0
9317468AGRI QUEEN1159k MT0
9780988AGRI WARRIOR532100.4k MT0
9891696AIFANOURIOS45260k MT0
9891660AIGEORGIS510315.7k MT0
9204934AIM191645.5k MT172
9525869AIN SNAN22512 MT12
9547520AKANE1142k MT0
9224532AKINADA BRIDGE185,76775.1k MT810
9757929AKRA8338169.1k MT0
9660619AKTI33110.4k MT0
9700225AL BETROLEYA22123 MT0
9349502AL KHARJ124113,3151.2M MT45,418
9349538AL MANAMAH2788 MT7
9525924AL QIBLA6778,123940.9k MT40,528
9525912AL RIFFA1120 MT1
9349497AL SAFAT6550,534571.5k MT9,685
9359466AL WUKIR340 MT0
9805702ALAM KEKAL131.4k MT0
9717060ALAM MADU917566.8k MT11
9717072ALAM MOLEK911145.4k MT0
9748497ALAM MULIA1010059.7k MT0
9615169ALAM MUTIARA74159.6k MT6
9651034ALAM SAYANG610437.8k MT0
9466348ALAMOSBORG1520817.6M MT23
9468085ALANIS1031354.5k MT3
9773480ALASKA1225442k MT0
9466374ALASKABORG1611845.6M MT0
9297345ALBA24170.7k MT0
9466300ALBANYBORG94532.2M MT0
9427574ALBATROSS71597.3k MT0
9724063ALBATROSS TRADER71058.9k MT0
9260469ALBERT MAERSK7754,833975.3k MT40,409
9729568ALBERTA1413.6k MT0
8323197ALBERTA1260.2k MT0
9748423ALBERTITO614166.3k MT0
9728473ALBERTO TOPIC71633M MT0
9568586ALCMENE1391.2k MT0
9385831ALCYONE T710209.2k MT0
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