List of Vessels
Results 201 to 250   --   Numbers are based on data since March 1st, 2019
IMO Number Vessel Port Calls Manifests Gross Tonnage Containers
9349186ALDEBARAN J566,93991.4k MT5,061
9521825ALE61634k MT0
9550266ALEA318920.6M MT1
9369980ALEGRE III738169.5k MT0
9543536ALEGRIA I21685.3k MT0
9626118ALENTEJO2264.9k MT0
9238777ALEXANDER BAY3327,274248.5k MT4,250
9635676ALEXANDRA6115,865664.5k MT14,668
9225407ALEXANDRA P514876 MT5
9865764ALEXANDROS3335.1k MT0
9575436ALEXANDROS III32357.5k MT0
9701372ALEXIA828588.1k MT0
9686900ALEXIS619,737834k MT8,811
9749324ALFRED N111672.1k MT0
9339612ALGOL1153 MT0
9120334ALGOMA VALOUR1281534.8M MT0
7926148ALGOMA VALUE1519287.6k MT0
9138109ALGOMA VICTORY861113.0M MT0
9640944ALGOMA VISION57812.9M MT0
9451226ALI KA3415.4k MT0
9884813ALIAI435117.6k MT0
9323962ALIAKMON34501.3M MT0
9273961ALIANCA MANAUS97189.8k MT147
9323792ALICE I5550.6k MT0
9663623ALICIA44129.9k MT0
9440497ALIGOTE39121.4k MT0
9498559ALIKI FORCE2320.8k MT0
9715799ALIKI PERROTIS1259.7k MT0
9588378ALINDA1928.7k MT0
9339600ALIOTH127 MT1
9630743ALIS31151M MT0
9343338ALJALAA46320.9k MT0
9624055ALKYONI35117.2k MT0
9709465ALKYONIS42851.4k MT0
9699440ALL STAR ATLAS210518.4k MT0
9295945ALLEGORIA4813,515304.3k MT14,116
9519169ALLEGRA125.0k MT0
9142447ALLEGRO1318,784197.7k MT8,267
9246554ALLEGRO69189 MT11
9509176ALLEGRO N10242,731954.5k MT40,789
9496331ALLIANCE2430.4k MT0
9303546ALLIANCE FAIRFAX4757058.8k MT1
9332547ALLIANCE NORFOLK4354150.7k MT2
9285500ALLIANCE ST. LOUIS5387463.5k MT2
9706530ALMA11062k MT0
9506514ALMA DEL MAR2651.3k MT0
9592721ALMERIA2624.3k MT0
9579494ALMI HORIZON611379.5k MT0
9579559ALMI ODYSSEY25163.2k MT0
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