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IMO Number Vessel Port Calls Manifests Gross Tonnage Containers
9292620AFRODITE1011169k MT0
9666522AFROESSA1159.7k MT0
9746803AFROS56237.9M MT0
9337315AG MARS6797.7k MT0
9315381AGAMEMNON2314,620353k MT24,229
9514822AGAPI S47160M MT0
9232448AGATHONISSOS1221649k MT0
9197430AGENA342308.5k MT255
9588574AGERI310158.3k MT0
9456238AGGELIKI B12127271k MT0
9577434AGGELOS B33105k MT0
9240811AGHIA SKEPI110.0 MT0
9467976AGIA DOXA3691.4k MT0
9502764AGIA DYNAMI5750.4k MT0
9370317AGIA ELENI1126.3k MT0
9641821AGIA IRINI57107k MT0
9700562AGIA MARINA1874265k MT0
9470820AGIA SOFIA64573.8k MT0
9397236AGIA TRIADA415781.9k MT0
9798375AGIOI FANENDES1928345k MT0
9349605AGIOS DIMITRIOS12424,356871k MT44,767
9465368AGIOS FANOURIOS618122k MT0
9693056AGIOS GERASIMOS714516k MT0
9474709AGIOS MAKARIOS110.6 MT0
9502776AGIOS NIKOLAOS53919.1M MT0
9702728AGIOS NIKOLAS1144.2k MT0
9845506AGIOS NIKOLAS220.6 MT0
9291779AGIOS NIKOLAS410120M MT0
9315745AGISILAOS110.2 MT0
9679438AGNES CANDIES9103.3k MT0
9389083AGRARI511306k MT0
9718997AGRI GRANDE19057.0k MT0
9770684AGRI OCEAN288103k MT0
9718985AGRI PRINCESS22117k MT0
9317468AGRI QUEEN1159.0k MT0
9780988AGRI WARRIOR532100k MT0
9584140AGRIA223477.2k MT0
8980866AHOSKIE11231 MT0
9669976AHSOKA417530.1M MT0
9729879AIANTAS1158.9k MT0
9334856AIDA DIVA115.1 MT0
9334868AIDA LUNA110.5 MT0
9891696AIFANOURIOS810376k MT0
9891660AIGEORGIS19291.2M MT0
9138408AIGRAN D3314.5k MT0
9700055AIKATERINI1144.0k MT0
9204934AIM302287.2k MT418
9525869AIN SNAN EXPRESS2315,953303k MT26,439
9323405AINAZI1941573k MT0

Stats Over the Past Year

Calculated based on BOLs since April 22nd, 2023
46,292Port Calls
20.1B MTWeight Unladed
17.5MContainers Unladed

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