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IMO Number Vessel Port Calls Manifests Gross Tonnage Containers
9724063ALBATROSS TRADER81885.6k MT0
9682447ALBERT263693.4k MT0
9780732ALBERT II16217.5M MT0
9794288ALBERT III1418408 MT0
9260469ALBERT MAERSK8949,1791.1M MT90,128
8323197ALBERTA1260.2k MT0
9729568ALBERTA1413.6k MT0
9748423ALBERTITO1020274k MT0
9728473ALBERTO TOPIC1211933.0M MT0
9496989ALBION BAY19221.1k MT0
9728693ALBORAN410144M MT0
9568586ALCMENE1391.2k MT0
9385831ALCYONE T1115305k MT0
9349186ALDEBARAN J15911,962181k MT12,865
9550266ALEA714020.6M MT399
9369980ALEGRE III637169k MT0
9543536ALEGRIA I523269k MT0
9626118ALENTEJO3394.9k MT0
9942043ALERCE1133.6k MT0
9250323ALERCE N2227.7 MT0
9384162ALESSANDRO DP132510.1M MT0
9217826ALETHINI33116.3k MT0
9722924ALEX24171k MT0
9826720ALEXANDER66450k MT0
9238777ALEXANDER BAY2111,570248k MT17,669
9635676ALEXANDRA2810,166651k MT24,945
9839844ALEXANDRA KPN35155k MT0
9592616ALEXANDRIA110.2 MT0
9519298ALEXANDRIT2233.0k MT0
9865764ALEXANDROS911187k MT0
9723045ALEXANDROS P.2597.1k MT0
9701372ALEXIA827786.4k MT0
9686900ALEXIS225,898750k MT17,389
9296547ALEYNA MERCAN112.1k MT0
8025159ALFIOS I33152k MT0
9749324ALFRED N1826139k MT0
9399789ALGARROBO371,811143k MT8,900
9378591ALGOCANADA202833.2k MT0
7620653ALGOMA BUFFALO132149540k MT0
0596352ALGOMA COMPASS1131441.5M MT0
9619268ALGOMA CONVEYOR911091.2M MT0
7726677ALGOMA ENTERPRISE1818486k MT0
9127186ALGOMA HANSA334.4k MT0
9773375ALGOMA INNOVATOR2453053.1M MT0
9405162ALGOMA INTEGRITY1571686.1M MT0
9773387ALGOMA INTREPID1542042.0M MT0
9587893ALGOMA MARINER1416193k MT0
9619270ALGOMA NIAGARA7693905k MT0
9619282ALGOMA SAULT971201.6M MT0
7711737ALGOMA TRANSPORT4242290k MT0

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46,322Port Calls
20.0B MTWeight Unladed
17.5MContainers Unladed

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