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IMO Number Vessel Port Calls Manifests Gross Tonnage Containers
7926148ALGOMA VALUE69982.7M MT0
9183776ALGOMA VERITY981043.7M MT0
9138109ALGOMA VICTORY1011263.5M MT0
9640944ALGOMA VISION811114.2M MT0
9362152ALGONORTH2221.4k MT0
9378589ALGONOVA202912.6k MT0
9127198ALGOSEA 7078450.0 MT0
9442249ALGOTERRA56101k MT0
9331153ALHANI1117659k MT0
9451226ALI KA6939.2k MT0
9751092ALIAGA EXPRESS246115.7k MT864
9884813ALIAI1549372k MT0
9323962ALIAKMON53832.0M MT0
9273961ALIANCA MANAUS1263310.0k MT2,039
9323792 ALICE I4450.6k MT0
9663623ALICIA5531.6M MT0
9440497ALIGOTE39121k MT0
9498559ALIKI FORCE2320.8k MT0
9715799ALIKI PERROTIS1259.7k MT0
9588378ALINDA31184.5k MT0
9339600ALIOTH302,80995.2k MT6,825
9630743ALIS41251.0M MT0
9595840ALITHIA2232.4k MT0
9343338ALJALAA46321k MT0
9710488ALKAIOS3577.7k MT0
9430739ALKIMOS2211.8k MT0
9792864ALKINOOS412182k MT0
9692703ALKYONI SB1141.2k MT0
9709465ALKYONIS42851.4k MT0
9699440ALL STAR ATLAS5242113k MT0
9295945ALLEGORIA167,139259k MT18,760
9519169ALLEGRA2227.7k MT0
9142447ALLEGRO1797,040211k MT12,147
9509176ALLEGRO N11032,564743k MT62,266
9496331ALLIANCE3560.1k MT0
9303546ALLIANCE FAIRFAX6479182.4k MT0
9332547ALLIANCE NORFOLK5460064.4k MT0
9285500ALLIANCE ST. LOUIS6898784.8k MT0
9347358ALLIE CHOUEST25272.1k MT0
9383948ALLURE OF THE SEAS2293,18125.0k MT0
9706530ALMA11062.0k MT0
9506514ALMA DEL MAR2651.3k MT0
9572070ALMAR1737.1k MT0
9592721 ALMERIA2624.3k MT0
9579547ALMI EXPLORER46326k MT0
9579509ALMI GALAXY931588k MT0
9579511ALMI GLOBE718412k MT0
9579494ALMI HORIZON13241.0M MT0
9579561ALMI NAVIGATOR35153k MT0
9579559ALMI ODYSSEY36239k MT0

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46,292Port Calls
20.1B MTWeight Unladed
17.5MContainers Unladed

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